Can drinking alcohol keep you from getting sick?

The concept is simple. Alcohol is a known and widely used disinfectant. Is it possible that a sufficient concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream may prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying?

There is definitive proof of the dangers of alcohol. There is not an organ that is spared from it’s detrimental effects if taken in repeated and large quantities. Chronic alcoholism amongst many things will destroy your liver, brain function and may even cause permanent insanity. There is no shortage of evidence that even moderate alcohol use impairs the healing process significantly. However there is a very interesting characteristic many alcoholics seem to share, they seem to rarely get sick (till the alcohol leaves their bloodstream.)

This can be seen in many cold places in the world. The homeless alcoholics seem to be able to daily endure weather conditions non-conducive to human life.

A 2018 study incorporating over 47,520 people from Finand, France, and the U.K. observed that non-drinkers seemed to have more time off work due to illness than moderate-drinkers. Although high-consumption drinkers i’m sure had the most.

In this day and age it is becoming much harder to identify between legitimate scientific investigation and  academic papers being written for  marketing purposes, or even simply just to improve portfolio’s. After all 80% of annualy published articles are never cited. Apparently only 10% of those cited are actually read.

Now that the disclaimer is up I can tell you about one particular paper which caught my eye. Conducted by a Ilhem Messaoudi and hosted on the National Center for Biotechnology  website, is a study which seems to prove exactly what our original line of questioning was.

It seems, yes. On average, moderate, but regular consumption lowered rates of sickness dramatically.

‘Moderate consumption’ here refers to 1 drink a day.