Kyrgyzstan man murders woman in police custody, after foiled abduction in forced marriage attempt.

Burulay Turdaliev was a 19 year old young woman studying to become a doctor in the Jayyl  region of the northern part of Kyrgyzstan.

On the 28th of May 2018,  Burulay was asked by her mother to go to the store to get some groceries. Upon her return she was abducted outside her home by a 30 year old man wishing to forcefully marry her.

Neighbor, Mihail, attempted to get the driver to exit the car after hearing the young womans screams, by kicking the door but attempts went ignored. Also alerted by the screaming was the young lady’s father KojonaliyevTurdaliev, who came running outside but arrived too late to see the car taking off.

Details explain the local police( ROVD) were alerted and the father gave chase in his vehicle following the perpetrator and his abducted daughter.  The  ROVD managed to apprehend the criminal and it seemed it was going to be a lucky escape for Burulay from a forced marriage.  Both were  taken back to the station for questioning. In a horrendous oversight, somehow the two  were left alone in a waiting room, the criminal who hadn’t been searched or handcuffed, proceeded to draw a knife hidden in his clothing and murder 19 year old Burulay Turdalieva. 

Since then in a region, perhaps a country first, after a court hearing 23 police officials of various rank and department have suffered consequences including the minister of the MVD and the chief of the Jayll ROVD losing their positions.

Although bride kidnapping is an illegal practice it is an-going epidemic in  Kyrgyzstan as the law tends to turn a blind eye. In a report from the United Nations NGO Women Support Centre  an estimated 12,000 are reported every year.  An estimated 2000 of the 12000 brides are sexually assaulted. According to  2015 data there has only been one conviction to date.  The conviction followed after a public outrcy following an incident when a young lady managed to escape, unfortunately  unable to live with the shame the society carries of having been sexually assaulted, she hung herself after only 4 days.