Man planting potatoes in backyard, discovers skeleton of wife’s ex-husband.

A man in the town of Luzino in the Omsk Oblast in Russia, was planting potatoes in his garden when he unearthed a human skull.

Upon telling his wife what he had found, she calmly informed him that it was the skeleton of her ex-husband. She went on to explain that she murdered him  20 years prior and asked him not to inform the authorities.

Apparently one night over 20 years ago, the then-husband had returned home in a drunken violent state and beat her. Unable to cope with the abuse anymore,  the woman murdered him using an axe, and buried him herself in the backyard.

During investigations the woman showed officials how, using the same axe, she dismembered his body to fit  it in it’s shallow grave.

The woman is now awaiting trial and is looking at a max sentence of 10 years for murder.